Suited & Booted And My Working Balance

Samio Manchester blogger afro curly hair
Asos womens flare trousers pin stripe suit
Damien and I shot these images in January…JANUARY. It’s now April. I feel a reoccurring theme at the start of my blog posts of me often parroting on about how the time has flown by; but as I feel myself hurdling into Spring once again, it’s hard not to take notice and vocalise the fact that time has whizzed by, leaving me feeling solicitous in my want to get certain things done.

Once again my blog took a backseat over the month of March and it’s just a never ending cycle in the thing I like to call my ‘working life’s balance’. I spread my social media content across my blog, Youtube and Instagram. I’m like a juggler who has only ever learnt to juggle two balls well enough (does that even count as juggling). When it comes to juggling it all, I’ve never quite managed to keep all three balls going consistently at once, and so to metaphorically speak, I tend to drop a ball every now and then and focus on keeping the momentum with just two instead…until I finally feel ready to add in another ball again, which I eventually drop of course, and so the cycle continues like this.

It’s something I’m now very much used to and it’s something that doesn’t bother me so much these days, at least not like it did before. I remember a time (not that long ago actually) when I’d put immense pressure on myself to try and keep everything to a schedule which I inevitably always failed to stick to. I’d always wind up feeling rubbish about my inability to keep up with things and so in the end, after a good long while of this self critical behaviour and hitting breaking point with it, I had to take my foot right off the pressure peddle.

I’ve noticed the people who tend to do things best only focus on that one thing. My problem is, I like lots of things, so I often find it hard to focus on one, and only one consistently. So over time, I’ve come to find my own sense of balance with it all, which means focusing on the things I like in rotation. I’ll admit it can be a tricky one, especially when these thing form together to be my job, but I’ve found that this is how things work best for me right now.


I’m taking things a lot slower this year in all aspects of my life. It’s done wonders for my mind and even the way I approach things and take on work. Of course I still get stressed and have those periods of panic, but I feel a lot more in control of them than I did last year. Accepting that things can still move forward and progress positively without always being ‘on it’ (so to speak) with everything, has been quite a liberating feeling.

So whilst the change in seasons is a noticeable marker that time has passed and so I really need to get certain things done (like simply check in here for example), it’s not a real cause for concern and instead just a polite nudge to not forget about the other things that I also want and need to do.

And with that very long winded self-analytical, cathartical mind dump over, I’ll briefly finish with a bit about this outfit and the original reason for taking these images in the first place.

Back in October last year, Asos invited me along to their HQ for a tailoring workshop. As a lover of blazers over here, of course I jumped at the chance and so on a trip down to London I popped into Asos for an afternoon of suit browsing and fittings and in the process I got to have a behind the scenes look at the design process at Asos. As someone who has shopped on Asos a lot over the years, it was all very interesting to see and myself and the two other bloggers who were invited along, Chloe and Hannah, were kindly gifted our own bespoke suits and jackets. I went for this blazer and flared trouser combo in a black pin stripe and when it arrived in December I was eager to shoot in it, as well as wear it of course. I shot it in January, then fast forward to now and I’m only just getting round to sharing the shots, but better late than never hey.

Anyway, I just wanted to say a bit about the outfit in this post, to share a little bit about the fun experience and to put things into context as of course this exact design isn’t available online, however they do have the same style in different prints, some of which are perfect for Spring Summer and I’ve linked below.

So there we have it. That’s enough blabbering on from me for this post but I’ll catch up with you again soon. Ciao for now.

Samio x

Samio fashion blogger custom pin stripe blazer suit
Samio Manchester style blogger in custom asos pinstripe suit

Samio pin stripe flare trouser suit

Samio style fashion blogger creative black pin stripe blazer
Samio Manchester style blogger Pin stripe suit blazer
Samio Manchester blogger UK curly hair afro

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Samio fashion blogger creative Manchester shoot
Samio style blogger creative manchester shoot in pin stripe suit
Samio Manchester UK fashion blogger and creative suit style pin stripe flares
Samio UK style blogger custom pin stripe asos flare trouser suit


  1. Holly White
    April 9, 2019 / 6:56 am

    I love these photos! I’m taking things slower this year too – so much easier to take things one step at a time. Xx

  2. April 9, 2019 / 9:56 am

    Well, I really need to take a leaf out of your book. Wait, is that the expression? Take a leaf? Who puts leaves in books? Seems wrong…but anyway.
    I tend to be such a planner that I put immense pressure on myself in my day to day life to stick to a schedule and lately especially, I can never keep up so I really related to what you were saying about when you used to be that way as well. Maybe I just need to slow down and go with the flow more. Again like you, my problem is that I like too many things as well so I always want to do a lot, in lots of different areas and I feel like that makes me stressed and manic at times; trying to get everything done!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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