Samio in Bali Swimming Pool

I’m Samio, a full time blogger and content creator from Manchester,
England. I started my blog back in 2013, whilst at the time modelling
full time and I now feel incredibly lucky that in recent years I’ve been
able to transition my career and make this once hobby, now my job.

I’d call myself a style enthusiast and with my clothing I like to focus
on quality over quantity, with the belief that it doesn’t have to always
be ‘new’ to look good. I have a penchant for styling singular items in
multiple ways and I’m a proud outfit repeater who thrives off wearing
the same outfits in multiple ways.

I have an adventurous nature (I love to travel) and I’m a city girl who
also loves the great outdoors. Lucky for me I get the best of both
worlds living in the suburbs, with my husband Damien in our
self-renovated home, where we’re not too far from the bustle of the city
centre but also just round the corner from the calm of the countryside.

Over the years of blogging I’ve been able to develop my love for
photography. Through a frustration of wanting to shoot my own content I
taught myself how to use a camera and through this developed a series
over on my instagram called #Samiosselfportraits. Photography is now a
big part of what I do and when I’m not taking my own photos I’m likely
directing Damien behind the camera instead (who is also a
pretty snazzy photographer himself – you can see some of his stuff

Has: a very eclectic music taste, a well curated wardrobe, lots of
stamps in her passport, too many gin glasses, a big imagination, pink
sofa, a degree in Performing Arts, an obsession with home fragrances, an

Doesn’t Have: Any time for mean people, any pets.

Likes: Yoga (my new found obsession), Hiking, Cooking tasty veggie
dishes, eating tasty veggie dishes, taking photos, Sweet Popcorn,
chatting, being creative, a good skincare routine.

Doesn’t Like: Clutter, too much small talk.