Bobbi Brown BB Cream and Corrector for Dark Circles

Bobbi Brown Makeup

I love finding products that I love, rather obvious I know but although I’m forever accumulating new makeup and products, it takes a lot for me to find something different that I regularly like putting all over my face. This is where this Bobbi Brown BB Cream comes in. I’ve mentioned before that I discovered this product on a shoot when a makeup artist used it on me and I couldn’t believe how good it was. I’ve used BB creams (referred to as ‘blemish/beauty balms’) in the past but I think due to me trying out some of the budget ones I wasn’t overly impressed and soon reverted back to my trusted foundations.

Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF 35

It wasn’t long after trying out Bobbi Brown’s BB cream that it was added to my makeup collection and now it’s my new favourite thing to use on my face day to day. As I’m slightly obsessed with skin protection (I’m the girl who wears factor 50 during the summer), I absolutely love the fact that this BB cream contains SPF 35, as I feel it’s important to try and protect the skin as much as possible.

The Best BB Cream

This BB cream feels light on the skin and gives a dewy fresh look which I really like. Although the BB cream claims to include a moisturiser, I still like to apply a moisturiser to my face beforehand, just so that my skin feels fully hydrated. At home I use my regular day moisturiser. However when I went to purchase my BB cream, the woman in store applied a base of Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream first, which I have to say felt great on the skin and seemed to work really well with the BB cream also.

This BB cream isn’t the cheapest but for me I found a perfect match with shade, Natural. I love how it evens out my complexion and gives that natural ‘no makeup’ look, whilst feeling light on the skin and blending perfectly with my own skin tone.

Bobbi Brown Corrector

Whilst purchasing the Bobbi Brown BB Cream I thought I’d give some of their other products a go and so I got to try out this Bobbi Brown Corrector. It’s made to neutralise dark under eyes and is meant to be applied before a concealer. The shade light to medium peach was the corrector that matched my tone and I could instantly see the difference it made to brightening my under eyes. As I don’t suffer from major dark circles, I’ve found I’ve been able to use the product without applying concealer over the top. The corrector shade I purchased already blends well with my skin tone whilst adding brightness under the eyes so I’ve felt the need to add concealer unnecessary for the time being.

Bobbi Brown Colour Corrector

The only warning I can give about this product is that it’s rather thick, as of course it is meant to help correct the darkest of under eye circles. So I would just to say be careful when applying it and be sure not to cake it on, as after hours of wearing it, creases can appear and that will end up looking rather bad. So be sure to apply this product sparingly and after using your concealer, apply a light powder over the top which will reduce any shine and help set the makeup.

(It doesn’t actually look as orangey in real life as in this picture)
Bobbi Brown Corrector Light to Medium Peach

Overall I really like both of these products from Bobbi Brown. The packaging is simple yet smart and the products themselves do exactly what they say on the labels. Obviously the BB cream is my favourite and shall be a reoccurring makeup purchase for me from now on. If you suffer from dark circles and want something to help even out the tone of your under eyes, then I would definitely recommend the Bobbi Brown corrector and say it’s worth going in store to find your match. I give both of these products a big thumbs up and definitely recommend them.


Below I’m wearing the Bobbi Brown BB Cream and Bobbi Brown Corrector without any added concealer or face powder, to show the results of using these two products.

Bobbi Brown BB Cream Natural

Samio x


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