Skin Refreshments

Skin refreshments

Two of my newest skincare additions are the Turbliss Bioactive Firming and Toning Face Mask and Bioactive Peat Toner. I’ve been using these two products for nearly two months now and I’m really pleased with them both.

I was a little wary of the face mask at first. I’d been warned that it could cause redding to the skin and as someone who does not tend to suffer from sensitive skin, I was surprised to find that it left my skin a little tingly and red after my first time using it. This did quickly subside however and it wasn’t until my second time using it that I discovered my first time discomfort was due to the fact that I’d left the mask on too long and let it start to dry on my skin – Which I’d been warned, not to do! So, silly me learnt the hard way, but since then when using the mask, I’ve applied it to damp skin and kept it moist by spiritzing it with a little bit of the Peat Toner.

This mask really does leave my skin feeling firmer and looking refreshed. It still tingles a little but in a good way, almost like the blood is circulating through my face (if that makes any sense). Afterwards I’m left with a more radiant complextion and plumper looking skin.

Turbliss Peat Mask Review

Aside from being a great counterpart to when I’m using the face mask, the Peat Toner is also great at refreshing my skin and helps to close up pores after washing and cleansing the face. I also like spraying this on my skin just before applying makeup to add moisture and help my foundation glide on.

Turbliss Bioactive Peat Toner Review

I love that this toner comes in a spray bottle because it makes it super quick and easy to use, without having to worry about using cotton pads.

Spray Toner Review

I’m currently loving how both of these products are helping to refresh my skin. Have you tried anything from the Turbliss range?

Turbliss Review

Samio x

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