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Fro Girl Ginny and Samio

Yesterday I was in London. I was up bright and early (5am if you must know) as I had a shoot for Speedo in the morning. Then in the afternoon I made my way into central London to meet up with fellow blogger Fro Girl Ginny. It was mine and Ginny’s first time meeting and the pros of meeting up with a fellow curly girl is that I’m able to spot her fabulous curly mane from across the station. Straight off we began chatting away and it was nice to see that Ginny is just as lovely in person as she appeared over email.

Fro Girl Ginny Fro Whippin

Together Ginny and I headed to The Breakfast Club for a bite to eat and even though I wasn’t actually very hungry, as it was my first time eating there, I couldn’t help but opt for The All American. This is a dish that consists of sausage, eggs, fried potatoes, crispy bacon, pancakes and maple syrup. Considering I ‘wasn’t very hungry’ I soon managed to finish it all of course and it certainly pleased the tastebuds and set me up for the day.

The rest of the afternoon we spent wondering around London, popping in some shops and stopping for drinks to chat more. Obviously when two bloggers meet there is rarely a moment that the cameras are away and so we spent plenty of time getting ‘snap happy’ and capturing plenty of shameless double selfies too.

Samio in LondonZara Black Biker Jacket
Samio Black Biker Jacket outfitSamio short curly HairSamio Profile

These are my first shots of my newly cut fro. As I mentioned in my previous post, my hair had some seriously damaged ends and so I had two inches cut off. I’m still slightly mourning the loss but my hair is feeling so much better for it and anyway, it will grow. Today I was rocking a braid out and embracing the frizz but it will be interesting to see how it looks after a wash and go when my curls are in their natural coils, as I can see I’m going to have some major shrinkage but we shall see.

Samio in Black Zara Biker Jacket H&M Skirt

What I Wore:
Biker Jacket – Zara
Vest top – Forever 21
Skirt – H&M
Shoes – Office

After lots of fro snaps and a fun day with Ginny, it was eventually time for me to make my way to the station and head home back home to Manchester.

Fro Girl Ginny & Samio

If you haven’t already then go check out Ginny’s blog and YouTube channel:
Instagram & Twitter: @FroGirlGinny

Samio x