Afternoon Tea

The Richmond Tea Afternoon Tea

Friday was such a good day and I got to spend it with some of my favourite people, enjoying some of my favourite things.

Before starting the day’s activities I headed to Chorlton to my dear friend Beckler’s place, for a much needed hair cut! My hair has been so dry lately. Over the past weeks, every time I went to wash it, it was extremely knotty. My hair hadn’t been in this bad of a condition since I used to bleach it (which was years ago). I’ll be honest I’ve not taken the best care of my hair lately. During my month in Barcelona I was washing it everyday, so that it looked fresh for castings and work but I think that with that, along with the intense sun on it everyday, it just finally took it’s toll and my split ends got way out of hand… So anyway, after much deliberation, I decided that it must be a haircut that I needed and I was right.

Beckler is a very handy friend to have, because not only is she brilliantly funny, a good listener and lots of fun, she also cuts hair and is in fact the only person I trust with scissors near my fro. This time Beckler took about two inches off my fro, which was scary at the time but as soon as the ends were gone my hair felt much healthier. Straight away I was able to comb my fingers straight through my hair and it felt knot free and much thicker too.

Beckler and I then headed back into the center and went to (my favourite) Richmond Tea Rooms for afternoon tea. I’ve been to Richmond Tea Rooms lots of times, sampling many of their delicious cakes and food dishes (I’m sure many of you have heard me rambling on about it) but it was the first time I’d tried their afternoon tea.

Richmond Tea Rooms

We were there for Beckler’s belated Birthday celebrations together, so we decided to go all out and opt for The Richmond Tea, which is a traditional afternoon tea served with a glass of bubbly. It was delicious! We enjoyed a selection of finger sandwiches, quiche, a variety if mini cakes and two great big scones along with a large pot of Earl Grey tea, not forgetting our all important glasses of bubbly. It was very tasty and so filling too, so it was definitely worth the money and great for a birthday treat.

The Richmond Tea Afternoon Tea

I just love it when food is so beautifully presented and so of course I couldn’t help but take a few snaps.

Afternoon Tea at Richmond Tea Rooms

After our afternoon tea, Beckler and I headed over to The Northern Quarter and hung out in one of our favourite bars, drinking prosecco and chatting even more (when the pair of us get together we don’t stop). Soon it was after work time and so our friend Nick came and joined us, shortly followed by my boyfriend, Damien. We spent the rest of the evening drinking in The Northern Quarter and before we know it, it was late and time to head home. Beckler and a Nick decided to carry on the evening’s antics and turn it into a night out. For me however, I’d had one too many glasses of wine and so it was time for bed, ending an lovely day spent with great company.

Samio x


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