Summertime Sunday

Last Sunday was another scorcher of a day. I went for food and cocktails with friends and thought it would be the perfect day to wear my funky print LuLu & Red dress. I’ve had this two piece dress and jacket for quite a while but rarely get chance to wear it. Originally the dress was much longer but I took it up on my sewing machine not long after buying it. I now regret doing that a little, as I now prefer my skirt lengths longer and as you can see on the photos this dress is very short! Nevertheless, I still love this dress and the print has cocktail recipes on it, how appropriate. It was a really hot day again last Sunday, when I wore this dress but it got a little breezy later on, so I was able to wear my little matching jacket too.

What I wore:

Dress & matching jacket – LuLu & Red / Boots – Urban Outfitters / Bag – Zara / Hair bow – leftover fabric / Hoop earrings – H&M







Samio x


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