By Jamie Cowlishaw


Last Saturday I had the pleasure of working with photographer Jamie Cowlishaw along with Hair & Makeup Artist Maxine Smith. It was my first test shoot of the year and so I could not wait to get behind the camera and get to work with this amazing creative team. It was the first time any of us had worked with one another but it didn’t take long for us to click and begin our creative minds flowing.

I took along a small selection of my own wardrobe and we began working our way through outfits, mixing up styles as we went. From relaxed and casual to strong and fierce, we captured a variety of looks and I’m really happy with the end results.

Samio by Jamie Cowlishaw 2

Samio by Jamie Cowlishaw 3

Samio by Jamie Cowlishaw 4

Samio by Jamie Cowlishaw 5

Samio by Jamie Cowlishaw 7

Samio x


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